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  • “Doctors are only one part of the healing equation when you’re sick. Pink-Link gives breast cancer patients an easy way to meet the exact people they most want to talk to, women who have first-hand experience navigating their particular diagnosis, treatment and recovery issues.  It helps them make more informed decisions, brings them comfort, & can even speed their healing.” ~ Dr. Scott Sale, MD

  • “Pink-Link's matching program allows for individualized connection and support and are a welcome and much needed service to women and families who are dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer. Certainly a service I will recommend to those searching for support!” ~ Amy Grillo, Education & Conference Coordinator, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

  • “I hope to be in contact with members who are going through what I did. Having been through it and survived to be happy and whole again, helps me feel like helping others who are as frightened as I was. It seems to be a trait that is common to survivors.” Louise T., Trumball, Connecticut, Pink-Link member

  • “I do so enjoy your monthly newsletter, and have referred friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to your webpage. I also have been fortunate enough to have been selected as a mentor and was able to help a woman in Virginia get through her treatment. We are still in touch, and I'm sure we will be for a long time.” ~ Eleanor T., Monrovia, California, Pink-Link member

  •  “Social support can be very important for breast cancer survivors as they recover from treatment. Providing access to mentors is part of Pink-Link’s mission. They connect survivors in a confidential, user-friendly manner. I’m proud to be a board member & recommend their website as an important patient resource.” ~Dr. Patricia Ganz, MD, UCLA  Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center



  • “I am grateful for Pink-Link. The interaction with other breast cancer survivors has been the best therapy. I can keep up to date with the newest developments, and more importantly, it gives me hope for the future - thanks to Pink-Link!” ~ Anna G., Warner Robins, Georgia, Pink-Link member 

  • As a survivor struggling with my own issues, I think it's imperative and extremely helpful to have sites like Pink-Link to aid in our recovery and ongoing support.” ~ Mary Jo, Alamogordo, New Mexico, Pink-Link member

  • “Even when they’re healthy, women thrive on community, but this need is magnified when women are in crisis.  Pink-Link helps breast cancer patients connect to one another and to survivors in a way that can dramatically assist in their healing, both physical and emotional.” ~ Dr. Kauser Ahmed, PhD, Staff Clinician, UCLA/Ted Mann Family Resource Center

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